Specialist Coffee Services for Garden Centres

High quality coffee and hot drinks for your customers.

Garden centres have embraced café culture

Helping you serve your customers high quality coffee

We understand the need for garden centres to provide their customers with an authentic “day out” experience. One way of achieving this is by providing high quality, great-tasting coffee. By embracing café culture, garden centres are staying competitive and driving additional revenue.

To keep your customers happy, you need to be able to serve high quality coffee consistently. This can be difficult with staff changes such as temporary and seasonal staff. We understand this, which is why, as your specialist coffee partner, we will work closely with you to help you make the most of your garden centre café.

We can provide training in addition to our reliable, easy-to-use coffee machines, helping you to deliver a great service, every time.

Quality coffee for your garden centre

Great-tasting coffee for your garden centre

Creating the perfect cup of coffee is our passion. Thanks to our Pelican Rouge brand, established over 150 years ago, our coffee is expertly crafted by our roaster in the Netherlands.

This heritage combined with consumer insight and market trends means we are able to provide a truly tailored experience, helping you to meet your customers’ expectations.

We know your customers not only expect coffee, but a range of other hot drinks as well, including tea and hot chocolate. That’s why we provide teas from recognised brands PG Tips and Twinings, and delicious hot chocolate from Fairtrade certified Pelican Rouge.

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Keeping your garden centre café productive and profitable

Providing Support

With the potential for high staff turnover rates, we understand team development isn’t easy, especially with limited time available. That’s why we will set your coffee machine to the optimal standard and can provide the training your staff need.

Our support doesn’t stop at machines. Our experts can help you choose the right coffee blends and hot drinks offerings best for your business.  

We also know keeping your garden centre coffee machines working is crucial. Fortunately, our regional technicians are able to provide preventative maintenance, as well as perform first time fixes wherever possible in the event of a breakdown. Our locally-based technicians will ensure downtime is kept to a minimum.

coffee machines to suit garden centre needs

Our quality coffee machines

To help meet your needs throughout your business, our tried and tested coffee machines allow you to serve quality with confidence.

These coffee machines provide your customers with quality, theatre and flair for that premium feel, without the need for skilled baristas. They are simple to use, without compromising the customer experience.

Our machines are specifically chosen to help you meet your goals. But, what they share is reliability and consistent quality, all powered by the latest technology.

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